GB Tubulars Photo Images
API Triangle Stamp
API Triangle Stamp on GB CDE Pin.
Axial Compression Test Sample
Test Sample prepared for axial compression test. Note anti-buckling support installed to assure application of pure axial loading through the connection.
CNC Full Length Pipe Threading
CNC machine used for threading full length joints of casing.
De-Burring 20 Inch OD
De-Burring 20" OD GB CDE 3P Thread.
Fatigue Test Equipment
Resonant Fatigue Testing Equipment with 7" OD, 23.00 ppf, P110 GB CD Connection.
Finished 4.5 Inch OD Pin Thread
Finished 4 ½" OD Pin Thread.
Full-Scale Compression Test
Full-Scale Compression Test on Thread Protector.
GB CD Pins
Finished 7" OD, 23.00 ppf, P110 GB CD Pins in Line for Mill Makeup.
GB HB Day 13 Well 11A
GB HBE and GB WSE after 116 rotating hours at 80 RPM (average).
MRP Inspection of GB CDE 3P
MRP Inspection of GB CDE 3P Pin Thread.
Repro Rubber
Repro Rubber being prepared for GB Butt Threadform Inspection.
Resonant Fatigue Testing
Resonant Fatigue Testing
Sparta Rig
Sparta Rig – Purpose Built Rig for Drilling with Casing.
Stabbing 20 Inch OD Japan
Stabbing 20" OD, 133.00 ppf N-80 GB CDE 3P for well in Japan.
Strain Gauges
Strain gauges applied to a GB Coupling in preparation for testing.
Threadform Inspection
Inspection using a mold of a thread projected against a threadform overlay. Threadform inspection is routinely performed as part of the 100% “First Article” Inspection procedure.
Large OD CNOOC Nippon pipe Large OD 3P DSC_8596