GB Tubulars Company History

GB Tubulars was formed in 1980 by George Geary Sr. with the introduction of the GB W Butt Connection for 20" OD casing. This innovative weld-on connector featured tapered shoulders that caused the connectors to self-center at the BOP restriction, which improved rig efficiencies. GB Tubulars began stocking the 20" OD casing and supplying the 20" OD Casing/GB W Butt Connector combination together, providing operators with one-stop shopping.

At the time, casing with a GB W Butt connector welded onto one end of a joint and a pin threaded onto the other end offered a low cost alternative to 20” OD API BTC casing. In later years, the weld-on connector concept was applied to 18 5/8", 16", 13 3/8", and 10 ¾" OD in response to customer demand, and GB Tubulars began stocking these casing sizes.

In the mid-1980’s, GB Tubulars began offering GB W Butt Special Clearance (SC) Connectors. Full-scale, combined-load laboratory tests were run on 13 3/8" OD, 68 ppf, N-80 casing with GB W Butt SC Connectors. The results were remarkable and repeated over 3 separate samples. These SC Connectors clearly outperformed full cross-section API Buttress Couplings. As a result, GB W Butt SC Connectors were used in more critical applications.

As operators pushed wells into deeper waters, higher casing grades were required. Unfortunately, welding was not practical for grades higher than L/N-80, so GB Tubulars developed the Twin Cantilever Coupling (GB TCC, also known as GB BUTT). This improved coupling with a heavy cross-section at the center proved superior to the API Buttress couplings. As a result, the industry accepted the connection as a low-cost alternate to expensive, so-called “premium” connections.

To this day, GB Tubulars has stayed true to its core business model, which is to provide quality products at an economical price. This consists of developing specialty casing connections including the new GB Drilling with Casing/Drilling with Liner Connections (GB CD/GB CDE) and keeping a large inventory of 10 ¾" OD through 20" OD casing, with plans to expand into smaller OD sizes. Over the years, new tools have been added to the design arsenal including in-house Finite Element Analysis capabilities, distributorships for various world-class mills, and casing running services.

GB Tubulars Time Line

1980    GB Tubulars Incorporates and introduces Weld-On GB Connector for 20" OD Casing.

1989    George Geary awarded US patent for Weld-On GB Connector.

1991    George Geary awarded US patent for GB Twin-Cantilever Coupling.

1994    GB Tubulars custom designs two, 100% joint efficient, special clearance coupled connections on heavy wall 7 5/8" and 10" OD Casing for Shell's Popeye Project.

1994    GB Tubulars designs Drilling Riser Connection on 11 ¾" OD, 65.00 ppf, P-110 Casing for Shell Ram Powell Project.

1995    GB Tubulars designs Drilling Riser Connection on 10 ¾" OD, 51.00 ppf, P-110 Casing for Shell Ram Powell Project.

1996    GB Tubulars designs specialty connection for vacuum insulated tubing using 5 1/2" OD, 23.00 ppf 13Cr80 called Tahoe TCC. Shell Tahoe Project.

1997    GB Tubulars designs Drilling Riser Connection on 13 5/8" OD, 88.20 ppf, P-110 Casing for Shell URSA Project. Connection designed for temporary riser service. After riser is retrieved, connections are turned down to special clearance OD and pipe is re-used as downhole casing string on next well. First connection that truly multi-tasks.

1997    GB Tubulars designs specialty Connection for 14 ¼" OD, 136.00 ppf, P-110 Casing called TCC Butt IS, FMT SC Modified.

2003    Eugene Mannella awarded US Patent for a Threaded Coupling with a Water Exclusion Seal.

2003    GB Tubulars named Hydril Distributor.

2004    Eugene Mannella awarded US Patent for a Threaded Pipe Connection Having A Retainer Gasket With Pressure Relief Vents.

2005    GB Tubulars sells GB Connection Technology to Hydril.

2008    Eugene Mannella and George Geary awarded US Patent for Coupling For Drilling-With-Casing Operations.

2009    GB Tubulars severs ties with Tenaris/Hydril; Purchase Sale Agreement ends, GB Connections available through GB Tubulars once again.

2010    GB Tubulars reaches a milestone of over 2,000,000 installed feet of 5-1/2" casing for Rotating and Drilling with Casing Applications.

2017    GB Tubulars sells Connection part of the business.

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