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June 2016:  GB Tubulars releases a Blanking Dimensions Revision.

July 2014:  GB Tubulars issues White Paper Rotating Casing.

November 2013:  GB Tubulars moves into a new office building.

November 2013:  GB Tubulars updates the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

October 2011:  GB Tubulars releases documentation outlining recommended practices for the care of Finished Casing on Location before running. The document directly applies to casing provided by GB Tubulars, GBT licensees and End-Users, but the information is generally applicable to any finished casing in the field.

Topics include:

April 2010:  GB Connections reached a milestone - the installation of over 2,000,000 feet of 5-1/2" casing for Rotating and Drilling with Casing Applications.

September, 2009:  GB CDE 3P Connections selected for Total Indonesia. Processing of 302 joints of 20" OD, 133 ppf, P-110 Casing will begin December.

July 31, 2009:  GB Tubulars and Tenaris/Hydril sever ties; Purchase Sale Agreement with respect to original GB Connections ends; GB Butt and GB 3P Connections available through GB Tubulars once again.

May, 2009:  GB Drilling with Casing Connections go International. An overseas operator recently had two successful casing runs, each involving ~5,000 ft 20" OD, 133.00 ppf, Combination X-56 and X-80 Casing with GB CDE 3P Connections. Both strings ran quickly and efficiently with no cross-threading or casing related non-productive rig time.

May, 2009:  2 1/2 years after introducing the GB Drilling with Casing Connections to the market, 1,000,000 ft of 5 1/2" OD Casing has been run with GB CD/GB CDE Connections. Most strings have been run in South Texas, Fayetteville Shale, and Marcellus Shale.

March 25, 2008:  GB Tubulars was awarded US Patent 7,347,459 titled "Coupling for Drilling-With Casing Operations". Novel features of this invention include:

  1. An innovative triple-taper coupling thread designed to smooth assembly stress profile of the connection, reduce localized bearing stresses in the mating threadform interface for enhanced fatigue resistance, and significantly reduce thread galling potential.
  2. A sacrificial wear sleeve that can be hard faced for additional wear protection.

These second generation GB Connections are true multi-taskers. They are suitable for:

Technology from the development of drilling riser connections for Shell in the mid-1990s was applied to the unique combination of static and dynamic loading challenges in Drilling with Casing Operations. The new design has demonstrated excellent fatigue life in the lab and impressive field performance in numerous wells over the past 3 years.

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